Experian is updating our systems and improving the security

As part of our ongoing security improvements, we are now changing our login routines.

What does this mean to you?

Starting October 23rd, you will use your email address as your username when you log in to our solutions. With the upcoming update, you will receive three emails containing a registration link as well as instructions on how to proceed to register.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions regarding registration, please read the user manual. You will also find this by logging in through our website. If you have any trouble with registration, please contact our Customer Service Centre.

Keep yourself updated!

Stay up to date on operating status and any changes here: http://www.experian.com/blogs/experian-insight/

Customer Service Centre

Experian AS

Email: kundesenter@no.experian.com

Telephone: 815 55 454