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What is Min Experian?

Min Experian is a service delivered by  Experian AS. The service is aimed at you as a consumer, and all content is accessible for free. To register for the service your Bank ID and social security number is required. Register today to get access to your letters of notification, manage your credit blocks, and retrieve the personal credit information we have stored on you.

Who can perform a credit check on me?

The right to perform a credit check on you as a consumer is triggered when a type of credit agreement is entered into. It can be when applying for a loan or a credit card, when goods are purchased on credit, or when purchasing subscription services such for example telephone or Internet. Every time a credit check is performed a duplicate letter should be sent to you, telling you who has performed the check and what information about you that has been disclosed.  

ID-theft is an increasing issue, but with “My Experian” you have the ability to enable or disable a voluntary credit freeze. This prevents others from of acquiring credit in your name. Additionally, you help save the environment through reduced paper use.  


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