proof of creditworthiness

published on the company’s own website


Esigill is a proof of creditworthiness to be published on the company’s own website.  The proof will at any time show the company’s creditworthiness and helps the business stand out as serious and professional. It gives potential clients and business partners a sense of security about the company’s credibility.

The eSigill will show the risk class the company belongs to; Absolute best creditworthiness, best creditworthiness, good creditworthiness and creditworthy.

The information that eSigill is based on is gathered from Experian’s database, which is continuously quality assured and updated from a number of sources. This gives a neutral assessment  of the company and its creditworthiness.  

The eSigill is daily updated through Experian’s databases.

Risk classes

The creditworthiness is based on Experian’s score model, Commercial Delphi, i.e. a model that uses advanced analysis and statistical methods to predict companies future ability to pay and thus can derive a score from this. Commercial Delphi gives a score from a scale of 1 to 1000, divided into 8 different risk classes, where 1000 is the highest score. Details in table below.

Description Probability of
8 959-1000 Absolute best creditworthiness: Very low risk 0,01 %
7 876-958 Best creditworthiness: Low risk 0,09 %
6 769-875 Good creditworthiness: Below-average risk 0,44 %
5 671-768 Creditworthy: Below-average risk 1,20 %
4 590-670 Low credit amount recommended: Below-average risk 1,91 %
3 272-589 Credit against security recommended: Above-average risk 5,29 %
2 2-271 Not creditworthy: High risk 15,15 %
1 1 Advise against giving credit: Very high risk 35,56 %

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